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Welcome to CoverTop

At CoverTop we have found the meeting point for style and protection.
We all know how vital our laptops are to us and how they are very much a part of our life day to day, so after many years of research and design we have come up with a product that will both protect and enhance your computer.

We proudly present to you the...


for your laptop and tablet.

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Features & Advantages

Perfect for Home, Travel,
Office and Campus

  • Heavy duty reinforced corners.
  • Reduces radiation output levels.
  • Made of a premium patented Silicon material which provides scratch protection for the whole of the laptop.
  • Ventilated non slip design allows even and continual cooling
  • Fits all laptop brands
  • Protects the hard drive
  • 30 second one time installation
  • Maintenance free

Check the Style

Laptop Covers

Color Collection

Currently available in 6 different eye catching colours makes it great for all ages. Its very easy to clean and requires no further adjustment after installation.

Perfect for the office, travel, school and anywhere in between as it provides safe storage in bags for transport.

Currently models available fit ultra-slim laptops, 13.3" and 15.6" models and allow full access to all of your computers USB, electrical, input and output connection points.

Option for Custom Design
Play Video Tablets

Tablet Covers

The cover protects the device from any harm, due to our unique protected silicon cover. It can be easily adjusted to your 9.7" tablet.

Compatible with all brands

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We would love to hear from you with any questions or thoughts you might have about our products. Its the best way for us to continue to grow.

Please fill in your details below and one of our team will get back to you shortly to discuss.

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About CoverTop

CoverTop is a leading company in the development and manufacture of accessories for mobile appliances in the working environment.
For over 20 years the founders of CoverTop have been committed to providing specialized, suitable and quality solutions for everything regarding personal and mobile computer technology. Further to this, there is also a keen interest in producing for the wireless and mobile networks and wider communication industry as well.
Cover Top continues to work towards expanding the company’s international presence whilst continuing to independently research and develop new technologies that provide the best solutions.